About half of all bankruptcies in this country are the result of high, unpayable medical bills.  A television commercial ran during the fall election season that featured interviews of people who were hit with unexpected health emergencies and weren’t adequately covered by their health insurance, if they had any at all.  Two of them said something like, “I’m embarrassed to say this, but I had to file for bankruptcy.” 

Go to Europe or Canada and ask people on the street if anybody in their country goes bankrupt due to high medical bills and they will look for the psych ward ID bracelet on your wrist.  Here in the US we twice elected president a man so delusional he thought “people could just go to emergency rooms” if they didn’t have health insurance, as if emergency rooms dispensed chemotherapy, kidney transplants and triple-bypass surgery.  

From “Anatomy Of A Medical Bankruptcy” courtesy of the EconoWhiner:

But the most important thing that happened during that meeting was this: Before we had even been there 10 minutes, part way through her intake interview with us, the lawyer set her pen down, folded her hands on top of her desk, and looked at my husband. ”Listen to me, and listen very carefully,” she said. “This is not your fault. Let me say that again: This is not your fault.”