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The final quote came in for the repair of my dysfunctional car transmission.  I owed the AAMCO guy $2,553.  My sister wired it into my checking account.  The money was available.  

So how do I pay?

I have no credit cards (see photo above).  My debit card has a $2,000 daily withdrawal limit.  AAMCO Guy wouldn’t take a check.  So I wrote a $2,555 check out to “CASH” and walked down the hill to my bank last Friday afternoon.  The teller counted out the Bens.  I have never seen so many $100 bills in my life.  “It’s for my transmission, not a drug deal,” I half-jokingly clarified.  He slipped the bills into a white envelope.

The shop uncovered another problem with my transmission and AAMCO Guy needed to keep my car for four more days, until Tuesday. 

What would I do with $2,555 in cash?

What would Tony Soprano do?

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