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The financial meltdown has people asking, “What can I do without?”

Why not ask, “What Is Enough?”

This question is the polar opposite of, “There’s never enough,” the battle cry of our imploded debt-inflated financial bubble. 

“There’s never enough” resulted in mortgage brokers lending money to people who couldn’t afford the loans so the brokers could rake in the fees.  “There’s never enough” was the impetus for Wall Street investment banks to back those loans so they could buy them, bundle them into exotic securities, sell them around the world and rake in the fees.

“There’s never enough” inspired the consumer spending that has raised the amount of American household debt to 100 percent of our annual gross domestic product for the first time since 1929. 

Andrew Sullivan sums it up: “We have mistaken consuming with living.” Read the rest of this entry »

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