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The Wall Street Journal has a blog, “Laid Off And Looking,” that follows eight unemployed business professionals as they look for the next gig in the post-meltdown rubble.  Each of the MBA’s writes about their experiences looking for new jobs and, perhaps, new lives.

From Spencer Cutter, laid off from Lehman Brothers last spring:

Now that I have been out of that culture for the better part of a year and have lost a lot of money as my restricted Lehman stock went to $0, I have re-discovered that the quality of my life is not determined by the quantity of my income. What impact has this had on my current job search? I’m focusing a lot less on the paycheck and am placing a much higher premium on a career that will not only be challenging and rewarding, but that will also provide a sense of longevity, stability, and balance. Money is still important, but I’m no longer obsessed about trying to get as much as possible as quickly as possible.

Their openness and honesty has attracted commenter venom: Read the rest of this entry »

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