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I found a penny on the ground one day.  My Dad saw it and said, “That’s your lucky penny.”

Ever since I decided to file for bankruptcy last June, I’ve been collecting them.  I’ve arranged all 44 of them (so far) in a pyramid extending from the right side of my desk pad.

I’ve had some good luck in the intervening months.  Due to a failed repair attempt on my vintage laptop, I got a MacBook Pro for free from our local Apple Store. 

I persuaded my landlord to replace my kitchen sink, dishwasher and counters. 

I put in for my early retirement and will get a $24,000 check in the mail in May, with another $19,000 or so going into an IRA account, and I’ll have $574 directly deposited into my checking account every month.

I got on the Internet and found a great BK attorney who shepherded my case through the system to a successful debt discharge. 

Since I started this blog almost three weeks ago, Felix Salmon’s “Market Movers,” The Financial Times’ “Alphaville,” The New York Times’ “Freakonomics,” New York Magazine’s “Daily Intel” and Andrew Sullivan’s “The Daily Dish” have linked to my site. Read the rest of this entry »

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