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Ben Sherwood, author of  “The Survivors Club,” applies Air Force survival school concepts to depleted 401(k)’s, foreclosed homes and evaporating jobs on The Huffington Post.

My favorite:

Hug the Monster. It’s pretty scary to watch your 401(k) disappear. Worse is letting your fears run wild. Neuroscientists say that the fear of losing money can activate the same alarms in the brain that go off when we’re attacked, unleashing neurochemicals that can wreak havoc on clear-thinking and decision-making. The Air Force calls this “analysis paralysis.” What to do? Instructors tell trainees to hug the monster: grab hold of their fears, wrestle with them, and turn them into motivation. Grapple with your fears and they become more familiar to you. Soon, those fears can become your allies and help you survive and thrive.