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Some Random Female Waving On The Beach, a blogger from the South Bay area of LA County, tells a story of depression and deception at a recent Los Angeles job fair.

Courtesy of The Daily Dish:

Do you want to sell yuppie tupperware?  Then this is for you.  Would you like to explore opportunities selling crap jewelry, beauty products, credit card swiper systems - being paid only when you get a client?  Then this is for you.   Are you interested in sweating to line up clients and recruits in a multi-level marketing finance scheme for a company that has incurred fines from the National Association of Security Dealers for fraud and misconduct?  Then this is for you.  Make sure you have a firm handshake, bright smile, dress appropriately, and have your résumé in order!!! Read the rest of this entry »

Speaking of the damned:

Imagine Tim Geithner with these powers.  Think of the possibilities . . .